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How to Help

There are many things you can do to participate with and help the Arizona Solar Racing Team.


You can be part of the team. Having science or engineering knowledge is not necessary to make a contribution. All that is needed from you is hard-work and dedication with the team.
The solar car team is not just about using engineering knowledge to build a solar powered car but most importantly running a racing team. Building the car and racing require a large amount of funding and we always welcome business students as well as students from any other disciplines to help us.

Also, we are trying to get the college involved further by providing course credit for being part of the team!!!


If you are a member of a business and would like to sponsor the project, or if your business would like to work with the project to develop technology on the solar car, please consult our sponsorship information page or contact us:

To see some local and national businesses that are currently sponsors to our latest car, please check out our sponsors page:


If you would like to support the team but do not have the financial means of a business, the team invites you to become a part of our Adopt-a-Cell Program. This program offers the opportunity for individual donors to 'adopt' either a single solar cell or multiple cells. If you are interested, please visit our Adopt-a-Cell page: