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    Car Name: Solar Streaker
    Car Number: 8
    Team Size: 15 members
    Testing Miles: 50 miles
    Project Cost: $250,000
    Length: 4.99 m (196.5 in)
    Width: 1.79 m (70.5 in)
    Height: 0.9 m (35.4 in)
    Wheelbase: 2.29 m (90.0 in)
    Front Track: 1.27 m (50.0 in)
    Rear Track: Single rear wheel
    Ground Clearance: 0.1 m (9.3 in) minimum at body

    Weight: 233.6 kg (515 lb) without driver
    Weight Distribution: 63 % front / 37 % rear
    Vehicle shape: Integrated Canopy Design with Splined Array Shape and Rounded Wheel Fairings
    Frontal Area: 1.01 m^2
    Cd: estimated 0.125
    Structural Construction/Materials: Pre-fabricated Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Honeycomb composite sandwich boards, adhesively bonded with fiberglass and epoxy reinforcement. Welded steel tube roll cage structure adhesively bonded to frame.

    Body Construction/Materials: Pre-preg Carbon Fiber/Polyurethane foam composite sandwich. Plug/Mold/Body construction.

    Tires: Bridgestone Ecopia EP80, 115 psi
    Wheels: Custom Machined Aluminum by Raytheon

    Front Brakes: MCP hydraulic calipers on steel cross-drilled disc
    Actuation Method: MCP hydraulic master cylinder and foot pedal

    Rear Brake: Regenerativel
    Actuation Method:Pedal/potentiometer

    Front Suspension: Machined aluminum A-Arms and suspension upright, Yarnell air spring/shock.
    Rear Suspension: Semi trailing A-arm design, geometry identical to front suspension, Yarnell air spring/shock.

    Steering:Steering levers and pulleys, Yarnell rack and pinion, Ackermann steering geometry.
    Motor/Controller: New Generation Motors EV-C200-092 Controller, SC-M150 Brushless DC Motor
    Power: Maximum power output of 6.4 kW (8.6 hp)
    Efficiency: Maximum system efficiency of 94%
    Controls: Separate pedals/potentiometers for throttle and regenerative braking
Data Telemetry
    Battery Data: SRC Engineering Prototype BMS
    Speed Data: In-car RS-232 network getting speed data from the motor controller and displaying it on the rearview LCD screen Transmitter: MaxStream radiomodem
    Battery Type: Kokam SLPB 526495 Li-polymer
    # of Batteries:14 parallel x 26 series = 364
    Mass: 30 kg (66.1 lb)
    Pack voltage: 93.6 volts nominal
    W-hr capacity: 4.81 kW-hr
Solar Array
    Solar Cell type: 2720 Spectrolab dual-junction GaAs
    Active Solar Array area: 8 m^2
    Construction/encapsulation technique:Tefcel / Tedlar / EVA laminate modules adhesively bonded to body
    Laminate construction by SunWize Solar

    Normalized array output: 1894 watts
    Measured array efficiency: 28%
    Maximum measured output: 1472 watts
    Peak Power trackers: 8 Biel School MPPTnG A0401, Boost Type
    Average Power Tracker Efficiency: 99%
    Maximum Speed: 120.7 kph (75 mph)
    Maximum Speed on Solar Power: 72.4 kph (45 mph)